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Life Force

by Janet Scura

22" x 22" x 2" | Altered Photography | $450.00

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Status: Available

Current Location: Janet Scura Art Studio

For this image, I started with a close-up photograph of petrified wood from the Petrified National Forest in Arizona and through photoshop manipulation created textured organic shapes. Since it was a mono-toned image of crystallized wood, I added red and black graphic elements for interest. By strategically positioning them and then using one of the PhotoShop tools to spin the image I created a dynamic piece. The red appears to be flowing from the upper left black cylinder-like object to a central red drop which appears to energize the grey organic field that moves throughout the piece. For me it depicts the blood of life energizing matter. This high tech, abstract 18” x 18” image is printed on metal and floated on 22” x 22” gloss black metal, framing it with a 2” border.



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