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Industrialization Meets the Void

by Janet Scura

20" x 28" x " | Altered Photography | $575.00

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Status: Available

Current Location: Janet Scura Art Studio

This image is from my Illusion Series. Where some of my images are simple and held together by design elements, color and form this image and the others in the series are complex which plays with the eye. The central area of the piece gives the perception of movement, lying on top of the four circular objects it has various elements that pop when viewing. It reminds me of an Escher print which likes to fool the eye. The original photograph was taken in the Rainbow Forest at the Petrified National Forest and has gone through multiple manipulations to get to this final piece. This abstract 16” x 24” image is printed on gloss white metal and then floated on a 20” x 28” gloss black metal, framing it with a 2” border.



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