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Crystalline Alien

by Janet Scura

20" x 28" x 5" | Matted Photograph and Framed | $480.00

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Status: Available

Current Location: Janet Scura Art Studio

I had heard about the Petrified National Forest in Arizona and decided to stop there on one of my trips between Colorado and California to check it out. With my telephoto lens in hand I started shooting close-up images in the Rainbow Forest within the Park. In spite of the 100 degree weather, I think I spent an hour or more photographing the remnants of the forest trees that had changed over time to beautiful crystalline objects. I took an image, made copies and then manipulated the copies and stitched them together to create a delicate crystal-like design. The colors are original to the photograph and not manipulated. If you took the image and divided it in four, you would see the original photograph. The 16" x 24" print is museum mounted on white dibond and framed with a brown wooden frame that blends with colors in the picture.



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